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Go Ahead, Make Fun of Me…

February 13, 2008

I am, obviously, a voice actor. I say obviously, because it says so up above. Which makes it true. So, if somebody told me that there was a TV show that I could just show up for one day and try out my talents against other voice actors and compete for the title of the best voice actor in America, you bet that I’d be into that. Especially if winning would lead to something like a starring role in an animated feature, etc.

I mean, come on! How COOL would it be to get the chance to show people…lots of people…what you’ve got and, potentially, boost your career forward years and years and years over the course of just a few months?

This, then, is why we watch American Idol. It’s a chance to watch a bunch of kids and young adults trying to live their dream and do it, not in the comfort of their home or office, but in front of tens of millions of people, opening themselves up to the scrutiny, jealously, envy and judgment of all of those people. This is something that requires either a whole lot of courage or cluelessness, and in either case, the results are so much fun.

Because at its very best, American Idol is a primetime singularity of The American Dream™, wherein people come from all walks of American (or newly American) life to try to live that dream to the fullest.

And tonight was the unofficial beginning of the season. The ridiculous and inane auditions are over with. Hollywood week is done. The second best have been dismissed. We’ve been hit over the head with the people Fox would like us to consider the “favorites” (of the top 24 contestants, there are only about 4 or 5 who haven’t received special attention from the editors of the past four weeks’ shows).

And next week, the competition and voting begin for real. I for one am ready to enjoy the ride. Again.


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