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Useless Voiceover Trivia #1

March 10, 2008

Why not, right? And, it’s not really useless, because you never know when you might be walking down the street and a stranger comes up to you and asks you a seemingly random question to which you just happen to know the answer, prompting the stranger to hand you a check for a million dollars.

Hey, we all have our daydreams.


So, did you ever wonder where 48-V Phantom Power came from? Me either, until tonight when I was trying to think of some useless voiceover trivia to post. Although other forms of Phantom Power had been used before, the first use of the 48-V Phantom Power found in so many pro mics today was on a Neumann microphone called the KM 84, manufactured for Norwegian Radio in 1966.

Interested in owning a KM 84? You can find them (along with just about everything else) on eBay. I’ve refrained from including a direct link to a current auction since it’ll be useless in a month or so, but the cheapest one on there right now is about $1k.


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